Numerical Simulations and Testing

Numerical Simulations and Testing
9 Nov 2017
Lazne Belohrad, Czech Republic


The VVA seminar is an environment for professional inspiration of present and future automotive developers. The yearly topics are alternately engaged in development areas from design, through numerical simulation and testing, up to prototyping.

  • LECTURERS are representatives of the automotive OEMs, suppliers, engineering services providers and technical universities. The seminar language is Czech and English.
  • PROGRAM is aimed at sharing experience from specific development projects, inspirational methods, technical solutions, and at future developments in the specific field.
  • VENUE - the pleasant and personal environment with a limited number of participants provides space for detailed discussions.

Ricardo Software's Product managers will present their topics:

IGNITE Product Manager, Vratislav Ondrak will present topic "Optimization of the performance to the wheels, the powertrain design and components sizing using a kinematic model applied to a real drive cycle"


Product manager and expert on WAVE, Jiri Navratil will talk about topic "Next Generation of Engine Control Units with Real-time 1-D Gas Thermodynamic Model"


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