2017 Japanese User Conference - Fluid Systems

2017 Japanese User Conference - Fluid Systems
6 Oct 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Ricardo Software's annual Japanese User Conference will take place in Tokyo, October 6, 2017.

This year's fluid system program will introduce various fluid case studies. In addition Ricardo Software will introduce the latest development roadmap, introducing the newest and most relevant product release.

The following case studies will be presented:

  • Construction of a supercharging concept combining a small-capacity turbocharger and an intake valve delay closing (WAVE) - by Isuzu Chuo Laboratories Co., Ltd.
  • Advances spark ignition modelling in VECTIS for Lean burn applications (VECTIS) - by Ricardo
  • Latest spray adaptation method combining 3D CFD and optimization software (VECTIS) - by Ricardo
  • Development of exhaust emissions adaptation method in WLTC drive cycle (WAVE · WAVE - RT · IGNITE) - by Ricardo

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SCSK is the organizer of this event.