European User Conference: Presentations available

European User Conference: Presentations available
06 June 2015

All approved presentations from Ricardo Software's European User Conference in Prague can now be downloaded here. For information on next year's event, join our mailing list by emailing [email protected].


European User Conference 2015 Presentations

VECTIS: Improving Climate Measurements: Modelling the Airflow Distortion over Ships – Ben Moat, Margaret Yelland, David Berry, and Robin Pascal, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton; Prof. Tony Molland, Fluid Structure Interaction group, University of Southampton

IGNITE/WAVE: Turbocharged Diesel Engine coupled with Planing Vessel – Prof. Giovanni Ferrara, Giovanni Vichi, University of Florence; Pietro Bianchi, Leonardo - Engineers for Integration

IGNITE/WAVE-RT/TIL-MEDIA: Waste Heat Recovery Optimisation for Drive Cycle using Real Time Transient Engine Model – Ricardo Software, Volkswagen Research, TLK-Thermo

WAVE-RT:Sensor-less Engine Control using WAVE-RT model running in rCube2 ECU (WAVE-RT) – Bohumil Hnilicka, Adam Kouba, Ricardo Prague, Control & Electronics