Ricardo Software presents 2018.1

Ricardo Software presents 2018.1
11 June 2018

Ricardo Software presents its latest release, 2018.1, which is ready to download now. This release marks our commitment to deliver more enhancements and new product features to our global users faster with new regular rolling product releases throughout the year.

Release highlights:

MECHANICAL SUITE 2018.1 – Design, analyse and optimise mechanical systems

This latest release delivers solver improvements in PISDYN, the piston design and analysis tool, which now runs up to 10 times faster, enables users to run more simulations in less time.

VALDYN, the valvetrain and drive systems design and analysis tool, has introduced a new swinging follower element to help users create models with various swinging follower geometry greater accuracy and reduced build time.

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IGNITE – Powerful modelling and simulations for complex systems

IGNITE 2018.1 features the brand new IMoved vehicle dynamics library which enables users to perform dynamic analysis of the complete vehicle, as well as its subcomponents.

With built-in predefined templates for vehicles, axles and differentials, this latest release delivers fast and accurate analyses in a wide range of conditions. The driving simulation and 3D visualiser allows the users to adjust parameters accordingly. The road interaction currently supports MF 2002 and TMeasy tire models.

In addition there are improvements to the powertrain library including shifting response and initialisation.

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WAVE - 1D CFD for powertrains with Real-Time performance simulation

WAVE 2018.1 improvements are primarily designed for acoustic users which include WaveBuild3D Advanced Duct Operations and CAD Geometry Duct Profile Import. These enhanced features significantly speed up the creation of WaveBuild3D components from native CAD geometry and offer an improved user experience when designing inside muffler piping.

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VECTIS - 3D fluid dynamics for all engines, vehicles and batteries

VECTIS 2018.1 delivers improved stability for all rotating models providing users more robust simulations, with particular emphasis on turbocharger models with high speed rotation. The release also includes continuous improvements for our chemical kinetics combustion models and our multi-fuel wallfilm capability.

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Future releases:
The development team is actively working on the next generation of the Ricardo Software portfolio, which will start being released later this year. Users can expect to see greater levels of predictive performance, increased feature content, improved integration between the tools, enhanced post-processing and after-treatment options and more electrification analysis options. We will also deliver significant updates in R-Desk which will deliver an improved user experience with respect to canvas manipulation and the loading of libraries. It will also include a new post-processing tool that animates simulation results and generates more graphs and plot manipulations as mathematical calculations are directly added.

Chris Barnes, Managing Director of Ricardo Software says;

This shift to rolling product releases will ensure we deliver greater value to our global customers faster by providing access to new technologies and innovative processes earlier in the development process. Our vision for virtual engineering is to enable customers to reduce R&D costs, improve test efficiency and bring products to market faster, with confidence.

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