GasOn: Lean-burn gasoline engine using VECTIS

GasOn: Lean-burn gasoline engine using VECTIS
GasOn: Lean-burn gasoline engine using VECTIS

In collaboration with Volkswagen, Empa, ETH Zurich and Poznan University of Technology, Ricardo Software engineers are creating tools to enable the development of a new form of compact, lean-burn natural gas engine offering diesel-like power and performance and extremely low NOx.

Dr. Evgeniy Shapiro, Ricardo Software Development Manager for 3D fluid dynamics program VECTIS explains more. 

As part of the Horizon 2020 GasOn consortium, Ricardo Software has been developing new models, simulation methodologies and performing comparative analysis of combustion systems configurations. Within the work package a new pre-chamber light duty 2L gas engine has been developed based on CFD optimisation and VECTIS analysis. The engine delivers break engine efficiency of up to 45% in the range λ=1.4-1.7 and provides stable combustion up to λ=2.2.  

The work is also being presented at SAE WCX 2019 in Detroit:

This article was originally printed in RQ Q1 2019.

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