Virtual Calibration

Virtual Calibration

At Ricardo, we’re helping our clients worldwide to improve test efficiency, reduce time to market and save millions in development costs through Virtual Calibration. 

We understand the ever-increasing challenges facing today’s global automotive industry. Climate change, rapid urbanisation and autonomous vehicles are placing increasing demands on manufacturers to create vehicles that meet environmental and legal requirements. 

We’re developing software solutions to accelerate the development process that combine simulation methods and models with physical test systems used by the testing areas.

Improving calibration and testing efficiency

We’re helping industry-leading organisations to improve calibration and testing efficiency by removing major prototype build phases from their development process.

Our proprietary leading-edge CAE software delivers more efficient processes, more accurate predictive analysis and faster than real-time functionality using Wave RT software.

Ricardo Software’s virtual desktop helps to accelerate the calibration process before the need for hardware. This approach aims to reduce the number of operating test points needed for control calibrations.  We focus on improving physical test efficiency and reducing risk through the use of predictive virtual models called 'digital twins'.

Ricardo’s unique approach

  • Integrated model based development
  • Faster-than-real-time results using industry leading Wave RT software
  • Bespoke toolchain to meet each client’s needs


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