SABR is a proven shaft, gear and bearing conception and design package.


Developed to integrate into the design process and reduce product development time, SABR provides an intuitive graphical interface allowing the transmission system to be modelled at a level of detail appropriate to the current design phase.  Additionally, it allows sensitivity studies to determine the effects of different geometric features, bearing types and gear positions, with immediate results.

The solvers themselves are based on engineering standards as well as Ricardo’s product design, manufacturing and testing experience, and are continually updated to be kept in line with real-world test and development programmes.

Key features

  • Simple and intuitive graphical interface for quick and accurate model building
  • Parallel, epicyclic and bevel gears
  • Coupling, point loads and torque-dependent load applications
  • Gear design and positioning to achieve targeted NVH criteria
  • Bearing analysis with life calculation and stress plots accounting for loading and misalignment
  • Synchroniser selection and analysis
  • Gear misalignment analysis, including an interface to FEA for gear body deformation
  • Shaft design and analysis
  • Duty cycles with multiple and complex load paths
  • Comprehensive results suite


SABR - duty cycle assessment and hybrid power flows

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SABR - micro geometry definition and assessment

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