2016 IGNITE Webinar

2016 IGNITE Webinar
2016 IGNITE Webinar

Improve Fuel Economy and Reduce CO2 and NOx Emissions

For vehicle manufacturers, an opportunity exists to optimize waste heat recovery systems for the benefit of improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions; however, growing vehicle system complexity is making it increasingly critical to capture interdependent operation of multiple sub-systems. As a result, multiple CAE software tools are often necessary to model each domain and vehicle sub-systems.

IGNITE is a physics-based system simulation package focused on complete vehicle system modeling and simulation. This webinar will validate the benefit of combining multiple modeling results into IGNITE, via the Functional Mock-up Interface. Successful simulation of waste heat recovery systems using IGNITE represents an emerging automotive technology for improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

In this webinar, you will learn how: 

  1.  IGNITE makes it easy for users to combine multiple domain-specific sub-system models, authored in external software tools, into a single integrated model.
  2.  IGNITE's application-focused workflow allows users to easily parameterize models for the purpose of system design exploration, sensitivity studies and technology selection.
  3. IGNITE's built-in design/optimization tool box allows users to quickly setup and execute complex optimization studies, facilitating more efficient decision making and reducing project cost and timelines.

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