2016 VECTIS Webinar

2016 VECTIS Webinar
2016 VECTIS Webinar

Maximize performance of downsized engines by efficiently modelling multi-component fuel spray

Engine downsizing combined with the benefit of using innovative fuel blends has proven to be an effective approach to improve efficiency of internal combustion engines. Knowing this, engineers continue working to push the limits of downsizing which results in even higher in-cylinder temperatures and pressures during combustion. Under these extreme conditions more sophisticated CFD models are needed to accurately capture multi-component fuel types and their spray and evaporation behavior during injection. A new approach to modelling fuel spray, pioneered by Ricardo Software, demonstrates significant accuracy improvements when modeling advanced downsized engines.

Using Ricardo Software’s 3D fluid dynamics simulation tool, VECTIS, this webinar will focus on fuel injection modelling and will demonstrate the difference between modelling a multi-component fuel and a single component fuel. The result will identify and compare fuel evaporation rates, spray shapes, and spray penetration as they impact early injection strategies. 

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Create multi-component fuel files and model them in the CFD solver
  • Evaluate the results of multi-component fuel spray in an engine simulation
  • Simulate and assess an accurate evaporation rate of various fuel components prior to the combustion stage

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