2016 WAVE Webinar

2016 WAVE Webinar
2016 WAVE Webinar


Maximize Engine Performance and Reduce CO2 and NOx Emissions

Using Ricardo Software's WAVE tool, this webinar described the process for validating a turbo-charged direct-injection gasoline engine, using models of both full and part loads. With properly validated test data, our CAE experts discuss further possibilities for engine development using various sensitivity studies and new technology matching.

We also demonstrated how water injection is successfully used in sports cars for significant engine-performance increase while benefitting CO2 and NOx emissions reduction. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to: 

1. Check the consistency of dyno test data 
2. Validate the model at both full- and part-load operating points 
3. Understand the potential of water injection and its easiness to model 


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