WAVE training courses

Course Description
WAVE Basic Training
(2 days)
1-D gas simulation WAVE SI/DI; Geometry import from CAD basics – WaveMesher; 3-D Geometry creation – WaveBuild 3D basics;  Model setup and running; Postprocessing – WavePost using plotting templates
Single NA cylinder model followed by four-cylinder model creation
Half day – chosen topic
WAVE Acoustic Training
(2 days)
Acoustic basics; Transient model conversion; Standard and linear acoustic transmission loss simulation; WavePost – Acquisitions setting and postprocessing; Acoustic Calibration recommendations
WAVE Turbo & Control Elements Training
(2 days)
TC model creation; Inter-cooler modelling approach; heat-conduction setting; LP/HP EGR system modelling; PID controller design, using creating of predefined – smart controllers; Heat release analysis; SI-DI model conversion
WAVE-RT Advanced Training 
(2 days)
Conversion of real WAVE 1-D gas dynamic model to WAVE-RT 1-D gas dynamic model running faster than real time; Model validation comparison to test data and baseline WAVE model; Modelling hint's and tips; Multi-Wiebe Fitting tool; C++ and Simulink Drivers; SIL and HIL modelling example
WAVE 2 Stroke Engines Modelling 
(1 day)
Modelling of small SI 2-stroke engine for garden usage – lawn mowers, saw chains, WavePost – postprocessing
WaveMesher, WaveBuild 3D and WAVE3D Training 
(2 days)
Importing of CAD geometry and creating own 3D muffler; WaveMesher - geometry healing and converting to 1-D; Proper discretization choosing; 1-D and 3-D automated user-friendly co-simulation using WAVE3D; WavePost3D Postprocessing
WAVE Model Callibration Techniques
(1 day)
SI / DI / Gas WAVE model calibration techniques focusing 1-D gas good modelling techniques. Validation done at example engine vs. measured data; Heat-release analysis; Multi-wiebe fitting tool – semi-predictive combustion; Heat-conduction setting; Postprocessing templates usage
Advanced WAVE Combustion Models
(2 days)
SI-Turbulent combustion submodel; IRIS advanced heat conduction model, Diesel3D combustion submodel, Diesel Jet, Simple Knock sub-model - usage, validation and advantages

VECTIS training courses

Course Description
VECTIS Basic Training (1 day) Workflow of VECTIS; Geometry preparation; Meshing; Simulation setup; Postprocessing
VECTIS Advanced Geometry Preparation (1 day) Geometry repairs; Surface operations; Boolean operations; Subdomain extraction
VECTIS Underhood
(1 day)
General considerations; Mesh control; Fan or radiator model setup; Parallel processing; Introduction to Geometry Wrapping 
VECTIS-MAX Using Subdomains (2 days) Simulation with subdomains; Impeller flow simulation; Filter-flow simulation
VECTIS Moving Boundaries and Spray (2 days) Geometry preparation, Meshing, Setting up moving boundary, Simulation setup, Postp-processing
(2 days)
Mesh generation strategies, Run strategy, Combustion modelling
VECTIS Diesel Engine 
(2 days)
Mesh generation strategies, Run startedy, Combustion modelling

Mechanical training courses

Course Description
FEARCE Training - FE Powetrain Modelling
(3 days)
Assembling process shown on the FE cylinder block - head assembly; Thermal-structural analysis of the cylinder block – head assembly to predict temperature distribution as well as bore distortion;  Structural strain-stress analysis of a connecting rod - predicting bearing distortion and durability analysis of the connecting rod, including fretting
PISDYN / FEARCE - Complex Piston Modelling (2 days) Secondary dynamics of pistons: Wear pattern prediction on the piston skirt and crown; Slap prediction and cavitation issues of liners; Friction losses; Durability analysis of pistons
RINGPAK Basic Training (1 day) Introduction to kinematic, gas and oil dynamics for ring pack systems to predict blowby, oil consumption, friction and wear. Case study assesing effect of ring parameters on results
VALDYN Basic Training (2 days) Introduction to valvetrain, crankshaft, and drive-system simulation and analysis; Swing follower training example; Gear pair training example; SOHC training example; Reduction drive training example
VALDYN Advanced Training - Chain modelling (1 day) Chain dynamics: Modelling chain and tensioner systems (including flexible tensioner); Modelling non-circular sprockets; Interaction of chain with camshaft and crankshaft
VALDYN Advanced Training - Belt modelling (1 day) Belt dynamics: Modelling belts and tensioner systems; Modelling wet belt guides; Model non-circular pulleys; Interaction of belt with camshaft and crankshaft
VALDYN/FEARCE Advanced Analysis 
(1 day)
Stress and durability analysis of rockers – involving FE components; NVH analysis of transmission housing - involving FE components
VALDYN Kinematic
(1 day)
Introduction to kinematic analysis of valvetrain systems
ENGDYN Basic Training (2 days) Analysing the dynamics of an engine, in particular the dynamics of the crank train and interaction with the cylinder block; Concept analysis explained on a V8 training example; Dynamic analysis of the system involving FE crankshaft and block (I4 example)
ENGDYN Advanced Training - Crankshaft durability (1 day) Crankshaft durability analysis
ENGDYN Advanced Training - Block Analysis (1 day) NVH block analysis and block durability analysis
ENGDYN Advanced Training - Bearing Analysis (1 day) Bearing analysis

IGNITE training courses

Course Description
IGNITE Basic (2 days) Learning to use IGNITE environment. Building basic models using IGNITE library components.  IGNITE libraries overview. Setting up and executing solutions with parameters using specific driving cycle. Results postprocessing and viewing results. Model parametrization. Basic data export
IGNITE Intermediate
(1 day)
Working with the IGNITE Design/Optimization toolbox. Learning co-simulation techniques (w/ MATLAB/Simulink, WAVE). Advanced postprocessing techniques (python-based data handling, working with external data files)
IGNITE Advanced
(1.5 days)
Introduction to Modelica. Creating user-developed libraries using Modelica. Importing user-developed libraries into IGNITE. Working with the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). Co-simulation with WAVE-RT via FMI
Custom Modules - Powertrain Library 
(1 day)
Customizable training module (can be used alone or combined with other modules). Tailored to a customer-specific application of vehicle modelling requirements. Deep dive into contents of IGNITE Powertrain Library
Custom Modules - ThermoFluids Library (1 day) Customizable training module (can be used alone or combined with other modules). Tailored to a customer specific application of thermal system modeling requirements. Deep dive into contents of IGNITE ThermoFluids Library